• Fulfilment of accounting tasks for business associations and other organizations
  • Payroll services for business associations and other organizations
  • Business, financial and tax consultation for business associations
  • Who are we?

  • A team engaged in the field of financial and accounting services.
  • Particular attention is paid to other entities and SMEs below HUF 500 million sales revenues in Budapest and the primary area of Pest county.
  • What characterizes us?

  • Independently working colleagues with high-level and chartered accountant qualification
  • Excellent IT background
  • Reciprocity and partnership
  • Customer relationships acquired through recommendation
  • Stable employees and subcontractors
  • What are our strong points?

  • Customized services
  • Excellent accessibility
  • Our fast and effective work is promoted by the proximity of offices
  • We are people-centred
  • We carry out activities on the basis of preventive thinking
  • What do our clients expect from us?

  • Promotion of the development and management of undertakings with timely and customized information
  • Electronic communication system supported by modern information technology
  • Our superior appearance reflecting our orderliness and precision
  • Guarantee and expectation of law abiding
  • Expectation of performance of above average quality
  • How do we want to develop further?

  • Up-to-date orientation in regulations
  • Precise knowledge of customers' expectations and needs
  • Külső és belső kommunikáció fejlesztése
  • Development of internal and external communication
  • Keeping affinity for work and strengthening motivation by measuring employee satisfaction Optimization and development of the of quality of activities
  • Development of internal audit
  • Development of customer retention strategies
  • Accounting

    Collects, records, organizes and presents data on the assets and profitability of a business entity (business organization, cooperative, association, public institution, etc.). Aim of data collection: providing appropriate information for interested decision makers (managers, owners, lenders,investors) and control bodies (for example the tax office).

    Our services

    How does the ISO 9001 quality management system support us?

    The standard develops our own way of thinking, also showing an excellent example to our clients, and at the same time the standard requirements create our commitment to quality.

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