Tax consultancy services

    As part of the tax consultancy service our undertaking forms its opinion taking into account the client's activities in the constantly changing tax environment on the basis of our experience of more than one decade.

    Parts of our tax consultancyservices:
    • Tax consultancy services
    • Tax optimization
    • Preparation of tax authority audits
    • Full representation before tax authorities
    • Legal remedies, if any, after audits


Basic service

  • Continuousgeneral ledger accounting with pre-recorded business events and parameters corresponding to the needs of the given company.
  • Keeping analytic records of invested assets over and above the supplier customer current account to be prepared within the frames of general ledger accounting, and of tax accounting in manner compatible with the NAV current account.
  • Preparation and submission of tax returns; annual balance sheet report, ongoing monitoring of accounting and tax rules, providing information on the issues having influence on the client's activities.
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    Payroll services

    Basic service

    • On the basis of the data sheet prepared by the contractor and filled in by the customer entry of the data of employees,
    • preparation of the payroll on the basis of the client's monthly report;
    • preparation and submission of Social Security returns and pension fund returns;
    • in case of leaving the company, preparation of labour documents, on the basis of the employer's written report;
    • annual data supply, preparation and submission of registration sheets;
    • ongoing monitoring of labour, social security and tax legislation,

    information of the client on issues affecting and having impact on the customer's activities.


    Other services

    As part of our controlling services, we analyse the implementation of business and cash flow plans, the sales, cost and expenditure data provided by the financial information system in accordance with managers' requirements.
    Establishment of control systems
    Our undertaking takes part in the establishment of the internal control system of its partners as an external consultant in the course of which it maps out internal operational processes, makes recommendations for the more efficient operation of processes and prepares the necessary documents.
    Company foundation
    Prospective company owners must take several decisions built on each other. First they have to choose between the forms of economic activities, and then they shall determine the method of the capital injection necessary for the company, decide on the company name, registered office and the person of the managing director.